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Occupational Therapy for Occupational Health

The biggest network of Occupational Therapists with a special interest in Occupational Health in the UK


OTforOH offers access to a huge network of qualified and specialist Occupational
Therapists as candidates, networking or for peer support.


OTforOH is actively involved in promoting and advocating for the recognition of
Occupational Therapists in the field of Occupational Health.


OTforOH offers free webinars for Occupational Therapists who are
interested in the field of Occupational Health.

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About Jo

Jo Vallom-Smith is the Managing Director and Founder of OTforOH

Jo is a specialist and RCOT Merit Award winning occupational therapist, who has worked in occupational health for many years.


She noticed that many occupational therapy posts within occupational health went un-filled and has taken action to promote this area of practice within her profession and deliver occupational therapy for occupational health - OTforOH! 

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