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Are you an OT?

Unsure about working in OH?

Are you an OT?

Are you an OT?

When Jo began her journey into OH she was shocked at just how few OTs worked in this area, despite the profession being perfectly suited. Jo is on a mission to get more OTs into the field of OH. The opportunities are vast and your skillset is perfectly suited to this area of practice. So no matter what your background or clinical experience, get in touch or join an introduction session to learn more.

Unsure about working in OH?
Staff Meeting

Unsure about working in OH?

Join in on one of our free talks about what it’s like for an OT to work in OH and what skills are required (spoiler alert… you will have most if not all of these skills already!). These talks run throughout the year on weekdays and weekends so you can explore this potential career change around work or childcare. 

Already convinced that OH is for you?

Fill in a candidate form to hear about OH jobs and opportunities that are right for you. After you've filled in the form, Jo will be in touch to talk more about your job requirements and preferences to find you the perfect OH job. 

Already working in OH?

If you are an OT working in OH, join one of our free, monthly networking groups to meet colleagues, share best practice and share experiences. They run virtually, on the last Wednesday of every month, alternating between lunchtimes and evenings. These aim to be informal and supportive groups. 

Hit the subscribe button below to join. View our Whatsapp networking group policy here.



"This was an excellent session. It was informative and inspirational and Jo’s enthusiasm, commitment to and belief in the role of Occupational Therapists in Occupational Health was clear and motivational."


"Enjoyed the session. Made me realise I had the skills and knowledge to move to a different clinical area. Good to hear others with similar experiences. Well run and very knowledgeable and inspiring facilitators."


"This session was very informative and inspiring! Thank you for facilitating this session and for expanding my knowledge of the emergent roles, our expertise can further contribute to people's wellbeing/recovery.'


'Informal but informative, interesting, varied content, opportunity to ask questions throughout. I actually postponed my hair appointment by an hour so as not the need to leave 10 minutes before the end! Well spent Saturday morning, thank you"



"A huge thank you Jo for all the work and commitment put into this event by everyone involved."


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